4th Year: Lab work on Physical Geography




GELb 412: Environmental Analysis                                           2 Credit Hours
  1. Introduction to Environmental Analysis
  2. Measures of Air, Water, Soil and Noise Pollution

      2.1  General Consideration in Sampling

      2.2  Water Sampling and Water Analysis

      2.3  Soil/Sediment Sampling and Soil/Sediment Analysis

      2.4  Air Sampling and Air Analysis

      3.5  Noise Pollutions

  1. Environmental Problems of Bangladesh

      3.1  Urban  Pollution

      3.2  Agricultural Pollution

      3.3  Industrial Pollution

  1. Natural Hazard in Bangladesh

      4.1  Flood, cyclone, River Bank Erosion/Landslides, Tornado, drought

      4.2  Arsenic poisoning in Bangladesh

      4.3  Natural Hazard mitigation

  1. Impact Assessment Techniques

      5.1  Physical Impact  Assessment

      5.2  Social Impact Assessment

      5.3  Economic Impact Assessment

      5.4  Environmental Impact Assessment

  1. Coastal System Management

      6.1 Protecting Coastal Area from Cyclone and Surge

      6.2 Management of Coastal Area

  1. Vulnerability and Risk Assessment

      7.1 Hazard Occurrence Probability

      7.2 Elements at Risk

      7.3 Vulnerability

  1. Rehabilitation and Reconstruction
  2. Disaster Management Ethics
Selected Readings
  1. Thomson, W.S., Population Problems, Mcgrow Hills Limited to Growth
  2. Schumacher, E.F, Small is beautiful, ABACUS, One Earth, One Future, Our changing global Environment, National Academy of Science, Wash. D.C.
  3. Kannan, Krishnan, Fundamental of Environmental Pollution, S.Chand & Co, New Delhi
  4. Repetto, Robert (ed),   The Global Possible


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