MS (Physical Geography Stream): Palaeo-Geomorphology and Palaeo-climatology


The aim of this course is to introduce the student with the past geomorphological and past climatic conductions of the earth, particularly during the Quaternary.  At the end of this course, students will have their experiences on the fluctuations of past climatic conditions,  their impact on human evolution, and the emergence of human civilization.


 GETh 513: Palaeo-Geomorphology and Palaeo-Climetology        Credits: 4 
  1. Palaeo-Geomorphology and Palaeo-climatology: meaning, scope, and  importance to study
  2. Quaternary Environment:  its extents, duration,  characteristics, and framework
  3. Geomorphological Evidences: Glacial Landform; Periglacial landform, River terraces; dunes; weathering crust
  4. Lithological Evidences: Fluvial Deposits:- Facies and Beddings; Palaeosols; Lake, Mire, and Bog sediments; Loess sediment;  Marine sediments; and Ice-core stratigraphy:
  5. Biological Evidence: Pollen analysis; Diatom analysis; Firaminefera Analysis; Plant and Animal Macrofossils
  6. Chronological Evidences: C14 dating; Uranium series dating; Dendrochronology, varve chronology; Oxygen-isotope;
  7. Climatic changes in the Past: Causes and significance; glacial periods; sea-level changes; human  evolution and  migration
  8. Palaeo-geomorphology and Palaeo-climatology of  Bangladesh: Quaternary Lithology. Coastal Stratigraphy; Climate change; Palaeo-monsoon, Quaternary sea-level changes; Palaeo-shorelines; landforms and correlation, human occupancies
Selected Readings
  1. J.J. Lowe and M.J.C. Walker    (1997)  Reconstructing Quaternary Environment
  2. N. Robert  (1989) The Holocene; An environmental History 1989
  3. M.H. Monsur  (1995) An Introduction to the Quaternary Geology of Bangladesh
  4. M.S. Islam (2001) Sea Level Change in Bangladesh: Last Ten Thousand Years
  5. M. Bell and M.J.C. Walker (2005) Late Quaternary Environmental Change
  6. Scott A Elias (2007) Encyclopedia of Quaternary Science


Lecture-1: Palaeo-geomorphology and Palaeo-climatology, meaning, scope, multidisciplinary  approach,  and importance to study

Lecture-2: Quaternary, extents, duration,  characteristics and framework

Lecture-3: Astronomical theory of climate change

Lecture-4: Quaternary temperature changes, glacier-interglacial phases, little ice age, medieval dry

Lecture-5: Oxygen Isotopic Stage: O18/O16 transfer, deep-sea coring, Ice coring, global climate  change

Lecture-6: Quaternary Sea-level Changes, Causes, evidences, rates and direction

Lecture-7: Geomorphological Evidences: Glacial Landform; Periglacial landform, River  terraces; dunes; weathering crust

Lecture-8: Lithological Evidences: Depositional environment; Fluvial Deposits; Lake sediment, Loess sediment; Marine sediments; and Ice-core stratigraphy:

Lecture-9: Mire and Bog sediments, Coastal lithology, Peat formation, coastal peat layer in  Bangladesh

Lecture-10: Lithology as a natural achieve, Palaeo-geographical evidences

Lecture-11: Facies and Beddings; Palaeosols;

Lecture-12: Biological Evidence: Pollen analysis; Diatom analysis; Firaminefera Analysis; Plant  and Animal Macrofossils

Lecture-13: Radiometric dating: C14, Uranium-series

Lecture-14: Incremental dating: Dendrochronology, varve chronology; Oxygen-isotope

Lecture-15: Origin and evolution of man; natural selection, worldwide distribution, migration

Lecture-16: Human Intervention: Landscape change, Hunting, forest clearing, origin of  agricultural

Lecture-17: Culture and civilization: Cave man and cave art, ancient civilization,

Lecture-18: Archaeological  evidence, artifacts, archaeology of the subcontinent, Bangladesh   Archaeology

Lecture-19: Quaternary Geography of Bangladesh, Bengal Basin, Quaternary  Lithology,  Lithological formation and correlation, Delta progradation,

Lecture-20: Palaeo-climate of Bangladesh, Palaeo-monsoon, Lake sediment, Coastal  lithostratigraphy, Quaternary  sea-level change, Palaeo-shoreline,

Lecture-21: Human Occupancy in Bangladesh; ethnic origin, migration, culture and civilization


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