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Arial Beel

Late Quaternary Delta Development and Recent Changes in Floodplain Morphology of Arial Beel Area in Bangladesh


St. Martins Island

Underwater Observation (Scuba Diving) for Determination of the Characteristics of Sediment Dynamics, Pollutant Influx and
Marine Pollution in the South-eastern Continental Shelf Zone of Bangladesh with Special Emphasis on the Conservation of Sub-aquatic Ecology of St. Martins Island

Ministry of Science & Technology, Govt. of BD

Quaternary Sea-Level Change

Reconstructing LateQuaternary Sea-Level Change from Deep Sea Drilling Data of Northeastern Bay of Bengal and its mplication to Ocean Dynamics



Reconstructing Palaeomonsoon Variability of Bangladesh from Lake Sediments of Boga-lake and Pukurpara-lake of Chittagong Hill Tract Districts

University of Dhaka

Blue Economy

Issues Related to Blue Economy and the
Identification of Suitable Beach Locations and Beach Resources along the Coastal Belt and Offshore Islands for Sustainable
Development of Coastal Tourism in Bangladesh

Ministry of Science & Technology, Govt. of BD

Ocean Dynamics

Sediment Dynamics and Spatio-temporal Changing Pattern of Bottom Topography of the Continental Shelf of Bangladesh

Ministry of Science & Technology, Govt. of BD

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